31. 07. 2013
puppy drinking from a hose

Drinking from the hose

I just feel like there’s nothing cuter that a dog drinking from a hose.

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31. 07. 2013
Bender asleep on my leg

Puppy Love

There have been a few times that I knew I loved Bender. Before I even met him I was having nightmares about losing him. The day I did finally meet him I could...

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30. 07. 2013
12 week old puppy with his feet up on the couch

What happened to a good old thump on the noggin?

So I’m beginning to realize something here, this positive reinforcement thing is a real pain in the ass. It goes like this: your puppy jumps up on the couch, you lure him off...

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22. 07. 2013
Wrinkles, a 2 1/2 month old golden retriever puppy sits in tall grasses

Four Decades of Dogs

In 1976 John Brown unknowingly began a lifelong, generations-wide tradition. He gave his daughter a golden retriever puppy and my life, one among many others, was changed forever. That tiny puppy from John...

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