Merry Christmas!! Or Feliz Navidad?

It’s Bender’s first Christmas and he couldn’t be more excited. Actually I don’t think he knows how awesome 12/25 is going to be, but when he unwraps the giant comfy dog bed and HUGE rawhide I got him he’ll know what’s up. He certainly is very interested in the world’s largest dog toy/many-branched-stick that we brought inside, wrapped in lights and hung smaller chew toys from.

Anyway, I think this video will help boost his Christmas spirit. Leo, Bender’s BFF was not too happy to join the dance crew (you can see it in eyes, especially at 0:10 – so grumpy!) but he obliged because he loves Bender so. Gilly, Bender’s sister, makes her guitar debut and Uncle Captain and Grandma Bailey can be seen cutting a rug together as backup dancers. Happy Holidays!

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